£30m fund launched to boost engineering skills

placeholderA news item was published today which made all of us here at SWWIC cheer very loudly!

Yesterday, whilst Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock launched the ‘Manufacture your Future’ initiative in the West Midlands, he also announced a new fund of £30m for the engineering sector, a third of which is aimed at encouraging more women to become engineers.

His announcement was supported by Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women: “We need to move away from the perception that engineering is a ‘man’s world’. Without women pursuing careers in engineering, UK companies are missing out on a vast pool of talent.”

Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive of EEF said: “The lack of engineering skills in the UK has become a ticking time-bomb, and manufacturers are investing heavily in their current and future work forces to prevent it from exploding. This must include investing in all sections of our workforce, in particular women where the UK has an especially poor record. What has been needed is extra support to push companies to adopt more innovative solutions to truly tackle the skills shortage and gender imbalance that exists in our industry.”

For more details of the fund, please click here to go to the original Government announcement.

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